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Woven Redwood Fencing





SOwovenWallFence Panel Drawing


We just installed this Woven Redwood fence panel yesterday. Worked out great. It even allows the client’s dog, to peek out through strategically placed knot holes. The drawing shows how the 3d Drawings we make, help us to figure out the details, and allows the client to truly have a WYSIWYG experience. (What You See is What You Get).

Modern Planters / Doghouse

My dog, Remy*, assumes that everything I make is some sort of new house for him…

Teak / Aluminum planters

Planters for a modern deck

These are planters I designed and fabricated for the deck of a modern townhouse. Materials are Teak and Aluminum.

Wood and aluminum boxes

Here was an alternate idea, for the same space, consisting of Teak/Aluminum boxes that can be easily rearranged on a series of horizontal planks.

*Remy turned me into such a dog fanatic that I started manufacturing pet dining tables for

New Outdoor Furniture

A pair of outdoor coffee tables.
This pair of tables can be arranged as a soft rectangle, or reversed into a butterfly shape–perfect for the center of a conversation area in an outdoor living room.


I just finished some new outdoor tables, collaborating with an excellent metal fabricator. They are made from Red Balau, which is probably the most durable of all woods when used outdoors.