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some Doors we’ve made…

Over the years we have built a number of custom doors and gates. You can order pretty nice solid wood doors from a door factory, but the downside can be that nobody bothers to match the boards very well. I prefer to select the lumber myself, and spend some time making sure the color and grain works well together.

A similar process is involve in building a hardwood gate.

Here are some examples:

Woven Redwood Fencing





SOwovenWallFence Panel Drawing


We just installed this Woven Redwood fence panel yesterday. Worked out great. It even allows the client’s dog, to peek out through strategically placed knot holes. The drawing shows how the 3d Drawings we make, help us to figure out the details, and allows the client to truly have a WYSIWYG experience. (What You See is What You Get).

WYSIWYG (what you see, is what you get)

All of our projects are developed in 3d drawings. Unlike typical two-dimensional construction documents, these images give a much better sense of how the project will look upon completion. The 3d software allows for quick revisions to both dimensions and materials, simplifying the exploration of design options, prior to the selection of the one best suited to the clients particular needs.

We love to combine traditional skills with the latest technology, in order to work in a manner that is both creative and efficient.