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Woven Redwood Fencing





SOwovenWallFence Panel Drawing


We just installed this Woven Redwood fence panel yesterday. Worked out great. It even allows the client’s dog, to peek out through strategically placed knot holes. The drawing shows how the 3d Drawings we make, help us to figure out the details, and allows the client to truly have a WYSIWYG experience. (What You See is What You Get).

Translucent Pine

32-up Torchere

Mostly, I just plan to show my latest work on this site, but this site, but this unique and beautiful art piece remains one of my favorite things. At the time, I was obsessed with the annular rings of trees, and the pattern in this mixes linear grain, with curly patterns. It’s almost as if the tree has been x-rayed. Insanely difficult to build. Someone who owned a lumber company told me it was almost impossible to make veneer from pine knots. Really glad I didn’t talk to him until AFTER I finished the first of these.

A luminous panel

A luminous ever changing color screen

30 years ago as an art student I was make environments focused on highly specific effects of light. My favorite artists continue to be those who make work focused on perception. And just last month I installed this color panel in a garden, which transitions to white with subtle shades of color, to this geometric design when struck by full sun. Two months ago I was able to see Monet’s largest water lily paintings in Paris, and now I’m thinking I need to spend some time with Diebenkorn’s “Ocean Park Series,” in order to better learn how to compose collisions of rectangles with sudden diagonals.

Beautiful + Functional Audio Video cabinet

I love how this 10 foot wide, curved and cantilevered audio video cabinet turned out. The doors are made from fine curved louvers, that eliminate the need for ugly speaker cloth, and also provide heat venting for the amplifiers. Only problem is finding someone crazy enough to build something like this (250 pieces of curved, ash veneered wood). Thankfully, I am able to force myself to make such things.