Sculptural Lights – part 3

We’ve been working on these for a long time. Thanks to a new toy, a laser cutter, we can precisely cut any shape we draw in Acrylic, and have it in our hand a few minutes later. By heating it afterwards we can bend the pieces, most of which are leaf-shaped into almost any form.


Just a sketch quickly thrown together. I was thinking of buying a nice stock sconce, then heat bending some of my acrylic ‘leaves’ to amp up it’s color and form.

I’ve been looking through my past work, and now that I’m realizing I can lean on other people’s expertise, I would like to design interesting interactive features.

I saw a number of interesting effects at the Enchanted Forest displays at Descanso Gardens in December.

Interactive Lighting at Descanso Gardens Luminous displays at Descanso Gardens